History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer)

Chapter 9: The French Revolution

Primary Sources, Maps and Images

XXXXI. Backgrounds

  1. The Old Regime: The Three Estates
  1. The Agrarian System of the Old Regime
  1. Political Culture and Public Opinion after 1770

XXXXII. The Revolution and the Reorganization of France

  1. The Financial Crisis
  1. From Estates General to National Assembly
  1. The Lower Classes in Action
  1. The Initial Reforms of the National Assembly
  1. Constitutional Changes
  1. Economic and Cultural Policies
  1. The Quarrel with the Church

XXXXIII. The Revolution and Europe: The War and the "Second" Revolution, 1792

  1. The International Impact of the Revolution
  1. The Coming of the War, April 1792
  1. The "Second" Revolution: August 10, 1792

XXXXIV. The Emergency Republic, 1792-1795: The Terror

  1. The National Convention
  1. Background to the Terror
  1. The Program of the Convention, 1793-1794: The Terror
  1. The Thermidorian Reaction

XXXXV. The Constitutional Republic: The Directory, 1795-1799

  1. The Weakness of the Directory
  1. The Political Crisis of 1797
  1. The Coup d'Etat of 1799: Bonaparte

XXXXVI. The Authoritarian Republic: The Consulate, 1799-1804

  1. The Settlement with the Church; Other Reforms
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