History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer)

New to this Edition

  • The discussion of cultural, social, and intellectual history has been expanded to include the role of women in various historical contexts and eras; descriptions of cultural and intellectual movements from the early modern to the contemporary period; and new analyses of the political, economic, and cultural interactions that have shaped modern global history.

  • Chapter 6 (formerly Chapter 7) on the Scientific Revolution now precedes Chapter 7 (formerly Chapter 6) on the early global economy to show more clearly the chronology of notable cultural and economic developments.

  • The two longest chapters on the world since 1945 have been divided into four new, more concise chapters that will be easier for students to read and for instructors to teach, with clearer thematic organization.

  • New information is provided on current issues such as terrorism, recent upheavals in the Middle East, and the continuing struggle for economic development in the world's poorest countries.

  • The expanded art program includes new images of important works by modern artists such as Pablo Picasso, Berthe Morisot, Jackson Pollack, and Henry Moore.

  • The maps are newly drawn, easier to read, and presented in sharper color.

  • New timelines have been incorporated into each chapter to give a convenient summary of the notable events and dates in every historical era.

  • The entries for the comprehensive Suggestions for Further Reading include new listings of useful websites and significant new scholarly publications.

A History of the Modern World Book Cover
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