History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer)

AP* Achiever for Environmental Science: Advanced Placement Exam Prep Guide

by Chris Freiler

You've set high standards for yourself. Focused goals. And we're here to help you achieve them.

Unlike most other AP* exam prep guides, AP* Achiever is uniquely tied to the market-leading college text and supporting online resources. By utilizing these resources together, achieving a "5" on the AP* exam becomes a reality.

AP* Achiever is an Advanced Placement* exam preparation guide with advice and tips from experienced AP* exam contributors and readers. They offer more support than any other prep guide. There are two complete timed practice exams with detailed answers and model essays.

Specifically designed to help your Advanced Placement students succeed in their studies and in achieving a high score on the AP Exam, this three-part guide works together with the core text History of the Modern World, Tenth Edition, to provide your students with:

  • A thorough explanation of course expectations, exam parameters, preparation suggestions, as well as comprehensive tips on writing essays for the document-based and free-response section of the Exam, all to help your students maximize studies and time.
  • Each chapter includes a thorough content review and "Heads Up!" and "Sidebar" sections designed to connect important topics, clarify common misunderstandings, or add important information to assist in preparation for the exam.
  • This book covers standard political, diplomatic, economic, and intellectual trends, but also makes a special effort to incorporate essential social and cultural history that is increasingly emphasized on the exam. Multiple-choice, document-based questions and free-response questions with detailed answers are included for each chapter.
  • Two complete timed practice exams with detailed answers and sample essays help students gear up for your final test day.

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Preface and Table of Contents (115.0K)

Chapter 1 (191.0K)

Chapter 2 (1202.0K)

Chapter 3 (904.0K)

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