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Chapter 2: The World of Business and Accounting

Making It Personal Interview Center

Imagine you have been selected for an interview for your dream job. The interview is in three days. You know you should prepare, but how? Showing your strengths and demonstrating your enthusiasm are just two steps toward landing the job. The Interview Centerat offers great tips and techniques to prepare for the all-important interview.

Destination Title: Interview Center

Guided Activity

Start at the Interview Center Web site. Record your answers to these questions separately.

  1. Click on The 4 P's of Interviewing in the Interview Prep section. What are the four P's of interviewing?
  2. Use the Random Question Generator in the Interview Prep section to practice answering common questions you might encounter in an interview. Write down three questions asked, as well as your answers. Which question did you find most challenging?
  3. On the Interview Center page, click on Dress Appropriately in the Fashion & Etiquette section. What is the "rule of thumb" for what to wear on an interview?
  4. Click on Why Work Here? in the Interview Question section. When asked why you want to work for the company, what should your response demonstrate?
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