Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities, 11th Edition (Fellmann)

Chapter 9: Livelihood and Economy: From Blue Collar to Gold Collar

Critical Thinking Questions

1. Make a list of your relatives, the sector of the economy they work in (primary, secondary, etc.) and where they live. Can you detect any spatial patterns?

2. How have the relative importance of primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of the U.S. economy changed over the past 100 years? What does this say about the economy of the country?

3. Because industrial location theories have to make a lot of assumptions, are they really applicable to the real world? Can you identify any major industries in your region of the country that fit one of the models discussed in the text?

4. Based on previous changes in global manufacturing, what region of the world do you think will be the next to industrialize? Why? What industrial location principles are at work?

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