Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities, 11th Edition (Fellmann)

Base Map Collection

The base map collection contains interactive color geographical maps of the world, as well as black and white jpegs with and without labels. On the interactive color maps, drag your mouse to select areas of the map and then zoom in or zoom out as necessary using the buttons provided. The text labels can be turned off and on by selecting the "T" button at the bottom. In addition, the maps can be printed by clicking the print button at the bottom of the frame.

The color maps require Flash Player 5.0 (or later). To download for FREE, go to the Macromedia Web site.




Asia Orthographic

Australia and New Zealand




Map of the World


Mexico and Central America


Middle East

North Africa and Mediterranean

North America

North America Orthographic

Pacific Rim

Russia Empire

South America

Southwest Asia

Subsaharan Africa

United States
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