Physical Science

Unit 3: Energy on the Move

Unit Project 2

Project Type: Technology
Divide the class into small groups, have each group research medical procedures that use waves, sound, or light to form diagnostic images. Procedures may include MRI, CAT scan, X rays, thermal imaging, or ultrasound. Have students create a news broadcast about their particular procedure to demonstrate how their image is formed, its benefits and limitations, and any related health risks.

Alternative Procedure:
Divide the class into groups, have students choose a specific type of diagnostic imaging. Have each group discuss the history of diagnostic images, how the image is formed, and its risks and/or benefits. Challenge students to develop a potential solution to any risks or problems that the diagnostic imaging creates. Allow each group to present their finds and solutions to the class.

These sites will help students research medical procedures that use waves.

History in the Medical Field

How an ultrasound works?

How a CAT scan works?

MRI Technique'medical%20imaging%20technique'

ACR Standard for Performance of the Infant Hip Ultrasound Examination


Click here for a rubric to help score this project. (65.0K)

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