Physical Science

Unit 3: Energy on the Move

Musical instrument

Project Type - Model

From radio waves to light waves to sound waves, we are immersed in a world of waves. Sound waves are compressional waves. When a noise is made, nearby air molecules are pushed together by the vibrations. The air molecules are squeezed together like coils in a coiled-spring toy are when you make a compressional wave with it. The compressions travel through the air to make a wave. In this project, you will create your own musical instrument and explain the physics of your musical instrument.

Design your own creative musical instrument. Your instrument should demonstrate a full scale and be able to be tuned to the proper pitch. Applying appropriate physics terms, explain how your instrument produces a variety of sounds. Using a simple musical score ("Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," for example) participate in an all-class orchestra with your physics musical instrument.

1 class period to create the instrument and 1 class period to explain physics principles

Visit these web sites for more information musical instruments, sound, and physics.

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