Traditions and Encounters, AP Edition (Bentley), 5th Edition

Chapter 31: Societies at Crossroads

Learning Objectives

When you have finished studying this chapter, you should be able to do the following:
  • Identify and discuss features of Ottoman decline and subsequent reform programs.
  • Compare and contrast the reform movements within the Ottoman empire culminating with the Young Turk era.
  • Identify the links between military defeat and reform efforts in the Russian empire.
  • Explain the development and consequences of the industrialization of Russia.
  • Explain the links between Russian industrialization, repression, and the rise of revolutionary movements.
  • Explain the significance of the Opium War and the unequal treaties for imperial China.
  • Compare the origins, course, and impact of Chinese rebellions and reform movements.
  • Understand and identify key features of Japanese political transformation in the late nineteenth century.
  • Identify and discuss the Meiji reforms.
Traditions & Encounters, 5e
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