Traditions and Encounters, AP Edition (Bentley), 5th Edition

New to this Edition

  • Connect History. This new web-based assignment and assessment platform combines a fully integrated eBook* with a number of powerful tools that make managing assignments easier for instructors and learning and studying more engaging and efficient for students. A groundbreaking adaptive questioning diagnostic provides a personalized study plan for students to ensure that they understand chapter content, while engaging interactivities involving maps and primary sources help them sharpen their analytical skills and think like historians. Critical Missions provide an immersive experience that puts students in a time and place and asks them to make a decision about an event based on an analysis of background information and various sources. Additionally, supportive tutorials teach students how to read and interpret primary sources as well as how to write a history paper, document sources, and avoid plagiarism. (*Fully integrated eBook included in Connect Plus History.)

  • Greater focus on critical thinking. New "Thinking About Traditions" and "Thinking About Encounters" boxes focus on historical elements that highlight how the twin themes of traditions and encounters play out across cultures and time periods. Each box ends with related critical-thinking questions around these two forces that have shaped world history. Eight brand-new Sources from the Past--including Stalin writing about his Five-Year Plan and an excerpt from Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth--along with a wealth of resources in Connect History provide students with plenty of opportunities for critical analyses of primary sources.

  • Stronger reinforcement of global themes and connections. In addition to "Thinking About Traditions" and "Thinking About Encounters" questions in each chapter, a new part-ending feature, "State of the World," assesses the global themes covered during the preceding chapters, giving students a thematic big-picture snapshot--both textually and visually using a combined global map and timeline--of the world during a particular period.

  • New map program. An entirely redesigned map program offer superior clarity, better topographical information, and greater global geographical precision and context with more vivid, and distinct use of color and new globe locator icons within regional maps to better orient students. Extended captions with critical thinking questions enrich students' understanding of the relationship between geography and history.

  • Fresh, inviting design for visual engagement and ease of use. An engaging, modern, and vivid design with new images and extended captions draws students into the narrative, provides visual cues for remembering content, and makes content easier to parse and digest.

  • Streamlined organization. Reorganization of content reduces the total number of chapters in the text, making the individual volumes more manageable to teach in one semester. A new Chapter 16, The Two Worlds of Christendom, combines elements of former Chapters 13 and 17 and places Europe in a more global perspective. Elimination of the prior edition's chapter 38 (The Bipolar World) integrates the events of the Cold War more seamlessly and clearly into coverage of World War II and post-World War II decline of imperialist empires.

  • Updated scholarship throughout. Enhanced and integrated attention to women's, gender history, and non-Western cultures reflects recent scholarship and enhances text's global emphasis.
Traditions & Encounters, 5e
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