Introduction to Multimedia

Chapter 5: Operating Systems

Self-Assessment Activity

Which of the following is not a way in which computers interact with each other?
A)Sending files by e-mail
B)Sending communications by e-mail
C)Sharing information within the same network
D)Using artificial intelligence to create files to share over a computer network
What did early computers use in the place of operating systems?
A)Early computers had sophisticated tape-operating systems
B)Users programmed the computers by turning switches off and on and setting cable connections
C)Early computers came with manuals that guided a user through with no need for an operating system
D)Early computers were manually programmed once, then left running to avoid having to reprogram them
What is a mainframe computer?
A)A large and expensive computer that can run many complex processes
B)A computer that has been perfected but is so expensive that few can afford it
C)A computer with large tape devices for massive storage capabilities
D)Mainframe computers no longer exist
What was Microsoft's intent in designing Windows?
A)To appeal to people who had little computer experience
B)To appeal to corporations who needed more organized computers
C)To have a new product on the market and attract more customers
D)To appeal to children who wanted to teach their parents to use a computer
How was Mac OS X designed?
A)By amateur programmers for free distribution
B)As a PC operating system and a network operating system
C)As an enhancement to programs made previously
D)As a supplement to add voice programming to computers
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