Introduction to Multimedia

Go Online Activities

Learn more about multimedia topics featured in the Go Online Activities found throughout your textbook.

Be sure to get the permission of a teacher or parent to access the Web sites in these activities!

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Go Online 1.1: Textbook Web Site
Go Online 1.2: Media History
Go Online 2.1: Invention of the World Wide Web
Go Online 2.2: Navigating the World Wide Web
Go Online 2.3: Have a Chat
Go Online 3.1: Secret Languages
Go Online 3.2: Bring the Classroom Home
Go Online 4.1: Monitors—Display What You See
Go Online 4.2: Less Is More—More About Hard Drives
Go Online 5.1: And the Winner Is—An OS Comparison
Go Online 5.2: Keeping Up-to-Date
Go Online 6.1: Full Moon Not Needed—Morphing Magic
Go Online 6.2: Zip It! File Compression
Go Online 7.1: Word Play—Text in Multimedia Presentations
Go Online 7.2: Fonts Galore
Go Online 8.1: File Facts
Go Online 8.2: Motion Control
Go Online 9.1: File Facts on Audio Technology
Go Online 9.2: The Sound of Music
Go Online 10.1: Versatile Video
Go Online 11.1: Programming Power
Go Online 11.2: Write On
Go Online 12.1: Reduce Unwanted E-mail
Go Online 12.2: Lights, Camera, Video!
Go Online 13.1: Target Practice
Go Online 13.2: Watch Your Language

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