Introduction to Multimedia

Additional Activities

Complete these multimedia activities, using the concepts and skills you have learned.

Activity 1.1 Multimedia Critique (19.0K)
Activity 1.2 Introduction Slide Show (18.0K)
Activity 2.1 Internet Media Catalogs (84.0K)
Activity 2.2 Storyboarding (49.0K)
Activity 3.1 Business Analysis (52.0K)
Activity 3.2 What America Means to Me (49.0K)
Activity 4.1 Computer Design (50.0K)
Activity 4.2 Computer Infomercial (50.0K)
Activity 5.1 Ideal Operating System (57.0K)
Activity 5.2 Print Ad for IOS (45.0K)
Activity 6.1 Software Tools (74.0K)
Activity 6.2 Hobby Presentation (47.0K)
Activity 7.1 Company Newsletter (44.0K)
Activity 7.2 Typography Poster (51.0K)
Activity 8.1 Graphic Manipulation (45.0K)
Activity 8.2 Graphic Collage (48.0K)
Activity 9.1 Internet Audio Analysis (47.0K)
Activity 9.2 Creating Sound Effects (49.0K)
Activity 10.1 School Event Video Taping (27.0K)
Activity 10.2 Video Editing Project (41.0K)
Activity 11.1 Three-Fold Brochure (45.0K)
Activity 11.2 Company Print Ad (45.0K)
Activity 12.1 Company Radio Ad (50.0K)
Activity 12.2 Company Slide Show (18.0K)
Activity 13.1 Company Web Site (51.0K)
Activity 13.2 Web Site Specifications (56.0K)

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