Introduction to Multimedia

Chapter 5: Operating Systems

Go Online Activity 5.2

Did you know that many software programs are available to try out before you purchase? There are many useful inexpensive or free software programs available, as well. Learn about available software programs and demos that you may be able to use on your next multimedia project.

Read the questions below. Then, click on the Destination Site link to open a new browser window. Apply what you learn to answer the questions. Check your work before clicking Submit.

Destination Site: ZDNet—Welcome Downloaders!

If this link is inactive or if you wish to find other Internet sites with similar information, get permission from your teacher to use a search engine.
Here are some keyword phrases you might use:
Free upgrades and free downloads
(Be careful that you do not accidentally download a program. If you do want to download a program, be certain to get a parent's or teacher's permission.)

Software downloads are available for which platforms and operating systems?
How are software programs categorized?
Name three categories of software available to download.
How might you find a particular version of a software program?
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