Business and Personal Law

Chapter 1: The Law and the Courts

Legal Talk

You can find vocabularly resources at the following Web sites:

FindLaw offers an online searchable dictionary.

Nolo offers an online searchable dictionary. provides a searchable dictionary by legal term, definition, or letter of the alphabet.

Meriam-Webster provides an online dictionary of law.

The Kent School District in Washington State provides a link to Greek and Latin root words as well as suffixes and prefixes.

The University of Notre Dame offers a Latin dictionary and grammar aid.

Online Etymology Dictionary. Etymologies are not definitions. They are explanations of what words meant and how they used to sound in the past.

The Capital Community College Foundation offers a Web site for "Building a Better Vocabulary." This site contains Greek and Latin root words, prefixes and suffixes, puzzles, games, quizzes, and other tools to help students build their vocabulary.

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