Business and Personal Law

Unit 1: What Is Law?

Thematic Project

General Information about Small Claims Court

Consumer resources from the federal government are available through this Web site. Use the Search box to locate information about small claims court.

Specific information about how to file a complaint and get help through small claims court is offered by the Federal Citizen Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration.

Use your Internet browser to search for small claims court information particular to your state. Use the key words "small claims court" and the name of your state for your search.

Legal Terminology Links

FindLaw offers an online searchable dictionary.

Nolo offers an online searchable dictionary. provides a searchable dictionary by legal term, definition, or letter of the alphabet.

Merriam-Webster provides an online dictionary of law.

Note-Taking Tips

The Education World Web site provides information on how to take notes for a variety of purposes. offers a convenient slide presentation of note-taking tips and techniques.

Spreadsheet Tips and Tricks

Use Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet to create your analysis report. If you are uncertain how best to use a spreadsheet program, these links might help:

Microsoft's education Web site:

From the University of South Dakota Web site:

What Is a Rubric?

A rubric is a printed set of criteria for evaluating your work and providing feedback. A rubric gives you the standards on which your essay, project, activity, or other assignment will be graded. One example of an evaluation rubric can be found in your textbook and is reproduced below.

Evaluation Rubric

Academic Skills

1. Online and library research

1. 10 points

2. Reading for information

2. 10 points

3. Note-taking

3.   5 points

4. Essay structure and outline

4. 10 points

5. Grammar, spelling, and transitional and topic sentences

5. 10 points

Legal Skills

6. Research of small court procedures

6. 15 points

7. Requirements of a plaintiff and defendant in small claims cases

7. 15 points

8. Analysis of the essential procedural information

8. 20 points

9. Use of technology

9.   5 points


Total 100 Points

Other examples of rubrics include:

The Rubistar Web site created by provides access to a variety of rubrics. It also includes a rubric maker. There is a Spanish version available as well.

Rubric for a research project

From Boise State University, a list of rubrics created by teachers at Quest High School

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