Physical Science

Unit 4: The Nature of Matter

3D periodic table

Project Type: Technology

It's elemental, my dear Watson! An element is a substance that cannot be decomposed by chemical means into simpler substances. Look around you. You are surrounding by elements. Can you name any?

As a class:

  • Brainstorm a list of elements that can be found in materials surrounding you. For example, your pencil contains graphite, which is made of carbon.
  • Can you name other ways these elements are used?
  • Find out where the elements are located on the periodic table.
  • Find out why certain elements have such unusual elemental symbols on the periodic table.
  • Use the links below to find more information about different elements on the periodic table.
Working with a partner and several index cards, choose one element from your list and continue your research on this particular element. On one card show the elemental symbol, atomic number, atomic mass and name of your element. On a second card, write the electron configuration, state of matter at room temperature, and whether the element is synthetic or naturally occurring. When completed, hang the cards from a mobile to create a 3-D periodic table.

It will take one class period to brainstorm ideas and one class period to design and create the element cards.

Possible Resources:
Visit these sites to learn more about the periodic table.

Chemical Elements

The Periodic Table

The Periodic Table

Periodic Table of Elements in the Ocean

The Pictorial Periodic Table

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