Traditions and Encounters, AP Edition (Bentley), 5th Edition

Chapter 19: The Increasing Influence of Europe

Interactive Map Quiz


Map A. The Crusades

The Crusades that occurred throughout the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth centuries were military campaigns that were inspired by a desire to reclaim Jerusalem from Muslim rule. There were numerous crusades over the three hundred-year period, the majority of which involved journeys to the Holy Land. This map shows five different crusade routes in order to highlight the diverse regions that were affected by these waves of military expeditions.

What were the crusades and what are the different possible reasons for why the crusades occurred?


Why were there different destinations for the various crusades?


What was happening in Europe that made military campaigns like the crusades possible?


Although this map is concerned with the crusades that occurred in the Middle East, there were other crusades at this time. Who were the targets of these other movements? Where did these events occur?


Map B. Expulsion of the Jews

This interactive map shows the migrations of Jews during the Roman Empire and their later expulsion from the region of Western Europe. Jewish migration away from the Middle East first began after several Jewish rebellions had been defeated by Roman authorities in the first and second centuries CE. Many Jews left the Roman-controlled areas or were sold into slavery by Roman captors; Jewish populations settled throughout Europe during this diaspora.
The next wave of massive migrations started in medieval Europe, when Edward I forced the Jewish population to leave England in 1290, and reached its height during the persecution of the Jewish people under the Spanish Inquisition. This map shows the various migrations of the Jewish people and their eventual areas of settlement after expulsions from several regions in Europe.

When did the first Jewish exodus begin? Where was the origin of Jewish society? Why did the first migration occur?


Are there connections between the beginnings of the various expulsions and other events? What are some of the other events occurring at these times that might have led to the persecution of the Jewish people?


Where did the majority of the Jewish population migrate to after the expulsions from Western Europe? Why would these areas be appealing?

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