American History: A Survey (Brinkley), 13th Edition

AP* Achiever Test Prep

Specifically designed to help your Advanced Placement students prepare and succeed in achieving a high score on the AP Exam, this three-part guide works together with the core text American History: A Survey, to provide your students with:

  • An introduction to the American History Advanced Placement Course and Exam, including tips on essay writing for the free-response section of the Exam.
  • A discussion of the AP Themes within the chapter, a chapter summary, as well as practice multiple-choice, free-response and document-based questions with detailed answers in every chapter.
  • Two complete practice exams parallel the AP American History Exam in terms of question type and number of questions. Each practice exam is also similar to the AP Exam with regard to content, style, and format, and it includes thorough explanations for your students.

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