American History: A Survey (Brinkley), 13th Edition

What's New

  • Expanded coverage of pre-Columbian America in Chapter 1 enhances the text's treatment of environmental history and provides additional context for the events of the early American past.
  • Streamlined organization of the material on the 1890s and the progressive era provides more focused coverage of these two periods and reduces the total number of chapter in the second half of the text, making it more manageable to teach in one semester.
  • Updated "America in the World" essays in each chapter present the U.S. in a global context and demonstrate how our history is woven together with other nations' histories. New essays include: The First Global War, Mercantilism, End of Colonialism, and the Global Environmental Movement.
  • Thoroughly revised and expanded coverage of the very recent past in Chapters 31 and 32 brings the text up to date on new developments in 21st century America, including George W. Bush's second term, the 2004 election, Hurricane Katrina, weblogs, and the war in Iraq.
  • Redesigned maps and enlarged images complement the narrative and enhance clarity, visual appeal, ease of use for the student.
  • Primary Source Investigator Online, now online with free access to all students, offers hundreds of primary sources such as interactive maps, charts, photos, primary source documents, audio files, and video files with contextual information on each source, and thought-provoking questions that show students how historians look at sources. In addition, PSI has a program that walks students through how to write a paper using sources as evidence and is also easy to use in the classroom to support lecture and discussion.

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