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Lesson 51: Managing Time and Money

Self-Check Quiz

Which of the following people balanced the activities in his or her life?
A)A teen who plays on two sports teams, works out six days a week, and watches television 20 hours per week
B)A teen who is involved in different activities at school, spends a lot of time with family, and takes good care of her body
C)A teen who goes to school and works every day after school at a part-time job
D)Because drug traffickers often carry weapons
A fee charged by a company for the use of its money in the form of a loan is called ___________.
A)credit card
D)certificate of deposit
How can a written schedule of your day help you manage your time?
A)It will keep you from spending too much time on your homework
B)It helps you see parts of the day that you might be trying to do too much
C)It helps you earn interest from a bank
D)It can help create more stress when doing homework, which can help you work more effectively
How can being involved in too many activities cause stress?
A)By affecting the quality of your work due to over-scheduling
B)By causing you to lose sleep and not be well-rested
C)It helps you earn interest from a bank
D)All of the above
Which of the following people is paying more for the same sweater?
A)A person who buys it for $20 with a credit card, and doesn't pay off the balance for 2 years
B)A person who misses the sale and pays $25 cash
C)A person who buys it on sale for $20, and pays with a credit card, which they pay off that month
D)A person who buys it on sale for $20, and pays cash
Which of these terms describes an "impulse buy"?
A)Instant gratification
B)Delayed gratification
D)Investing money
If you have a balanced budget, your income is _________ than your _________.
A)greater, expenses
B)greater, interest
C)less, debt
D)less, expenses
Debt is ________________.
A)condition of owing money to someone else
B)paying a bill in full
D)using a credit card to buy something
Which of the following people is more at risk for serious debt later in life?
A)A person who has three credit cards and is applying for another one
B)A person who likes to shop and keeps a balanced budget
C)A person who saves 1/3 of each paycheck in a savings account
D)A person who uses a credit card and pays it in full each month
How does keeping a written journal of your income and expenses help you to avoid debt?
A)It helps you see where you may be spending more money than you planned to
B)It can help you get additional credit cards if you need to
C)It helps you lower your interest rate on credit cards
D)It helps you earn interest from a bank
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