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Unit 9: Consumer and Community Health

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The National Council Against Health Fraud
Scroll down to "How to Spot False Claims". Create a table listing key words used in false or misleading claims. Use the chart to evaluate a commercial, infomercial, or print ad for a health product or supplement. After evaluating it, would you buy the product or recommend it to someone? Why or why not?
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Federal Trade Commission
Work with a partner and list what you believe to be the most important guideline for each of the following consumer purchasing activities: buying merchandise online; buying property at auctions; buying health aids or supplements; buying an expensive electronic device or appliance.
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Consumers Union
Visit this Consumers Union website for information and articles on a wide range of consumer issues, such as improving cell phone services, safeguarding consumers against identity theft, kids' car safety, and reducing drug costs. Choose a topic covered on the site and research the issue. Write a short summary of the problem and possible solutions. In class, break into small groups and discuss each person's findings.
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Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides detailed information about numerous careers on its Web site. Use the occupational cluster buttons on the left side of the page and compare the health careers listed in both the Professional and Related and Service clusters. In your journal or on your computer, create a table for comparing health careers. Across the top, label five columns Function, Responsibilities, Training, Earnings, Working Conditions. Label each row with a job title and complete the table using Occupational Outlook Handbook. Compare at least two careers from each of the (Professional and Related and Service) clusters.
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