Meeks Heit Health & Wellness

Self-Check Quizzes

Unit 1: Health Skills
Lesson 1: Taking Responsibility for Health
Lesson 2: Accessing Valid Health Information, Products, and Services
Lesson 3: Practicing Healthful Behaviors
Lesson 4: Analyzing Influences on Health
Lesson 5: Using Communication Skills
Lesson 6: Setting Health Goals and Making Responsible Decisions
Lesson 7: Being a Health Advocate

Unit 2: Mental and Emotional Health
Lesson 8: Developing Good Character
Lesson 9: Developing a Healthy Mind
Lesson 10: Expressing Emotions and Managing Stress
Lesson 11: Dealing with Depression
Lesson 12: Dealing with Loss and Grief

Unit 3: Family and Social Health
Lesson 13: Developing Healthful Family Relationships
Lesson 14: Adjusting to Family Changes
Lesson 15: Examining Dating and Friendships
Lesson 16: Practicing Abstinence From Sex
Lesson 17: Recognizing Harmful Relationships
Lesson 18: Preparing for Marriage and Parenthood

Unit 4: Growth and Development
Lesson 19: Keeping Your Body Healthy
Lesson 20: Learning About the Reproductive Systems
Lesson 21: Learning About Pregnancy and Childbirth
Lesson 22: Caring for Infants and Children
Lesson 23: Developing Learning and Planning Styles
Lesson 24: Aging Healthfully

Unit 5: Nutrition
Lesson 25: Choosing Healthful Foods
Lesson 26: Following Dietary Guidelines
Lesson 27: Using Diet to Guard Against Disease
Lesson 28: Developing Healthful Eating Habits
Lesson 29: Maintaining a Healthful Weight

Unit 6: Personal Health and Physical Activity
Lesson 30: Having Regular Physical Exams
Lesson 31: Being Well-Groomed
Lesson 32: Getting Adequate Rest an Sleep
Lesson 33: Participating in Physical Activity
Lesson 34: Practicing Fitness
Lesson 35: Exercising Safely

Unit 7: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Lesson 36: Using Prescription and OTC Drugs Safely
Lesson 37: Choosing an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle
Lesson 38: Choosing a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle
Lesson 39: Avoiding Illegal Drug Use
Lesson 40: Avoiding Drug Dependence
Lesson 41: Resisting Pressure to Abuse Drugs
Lesson 42: Reducing Risk by Being Drug Free
Lesson 43: Assessing Treatment Options

Unit 8: Communicable and Chronic Diseases
Lesson 44: Avoiding Communicable Diseases
Lesson 45: Dealing with Respiratory Diseases, Asthma, and Allergies
Lesson 46: Reducing the Risk of STDs and HIV
Lesson 47: Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases
Lesson 48: Managing Chronic Health Conditions
Lesson 49: Reducing the Risk of Cancer

Unit 9: Consumer and Community Health
Lesson 50: Acquiring Knowledge of Health Laws
Lesson 51: Managing Time and Money
Lesson 52: Analyzing Media Messages
Lesson 53: Accessing Reliable Health Care
Lesson 54: Investigating Health Careers
Lesson 55 Learning About Public Health

Unit 10: Environmental Health
Lesson 56: Learning About Environmental Issues
Lesson 57: Preventing Air and Water Pollution
Lesson 58: Preventing Noise and Visual Pollution
Lesson 59: Practicing Recycling and Conservation
Lesson 60: Protecting the Environment

Unit 11: Injury Prevention and Personal Safety
Lesson 61: Reducing Unintentional Injuries
Lesson 62: Staying Safe During Severe Weather and Natural Disasters
Lesson 63: Reducing the Risk of Violence
Lesson 64: Respecting Authority and Obeying Laws
Lesson 65: Protecting Yourself From Physical Violence
Lesson 66: Protecting Yourself From Sexual Violence
Lesson 67: Staying Away From Gangs
Lesson 68: Reducing Weapon Injuries
Lesson 69: Performing Common First Aid Procedures
Lesson 70: Performing Emergency First Aid Procedures

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