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Lesson 50: Acquiring Knowledge of Health Laws

Self-Check Quiz

Which agency would handle the situation if it was found that a certain brand of baby crib is defective and may collapse easily?
What federal agency is responsible for protecting public health related to products we consume?
Why is it important to learn health laws and consumer rights?
A)So you do not suffer from using defective or harmful products
B)a and b
C)So you never buy a product that has been recalled
D)So you do not waste your money on things that do not work
False advertisement and sale of products to improve health that have not been proven safe and effective is known as ___________.
B)health fraud
C)consumer rights
D)successful consumerism
What would happen if the Consumer Bill of Rights didn't include the right to safety?
A)Prices for all kinds of products would increase
B)The quality and safety of products would decrease so that manufacturers could make more money
C)Prices for all kinds of products would go down
D)The quality and safety of products would increase so manufacturers could spend less on production
Which of the following explains the statement, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."?
A)Beware of "red flags"
B)No product is perfect
C)You've found a miracle cure
D)Some people have more good luck than others
A person who uses products and services is called a ___________.
A)local health official
C)federal official
How could it help you to contact the Council of Better Business Bureaus before purchasing an expensive item from a store?
A)They can refer you to the FDA for more information on your product
B)They may be able to give you a discount
C)They can tell you if the company has had complaints about its products or services
D)They can help you find a better product elsewhere
Why is it important for you to report health fraud or defective products to the proper agency?
A)To get a reward from the agency
B)To prevent that company from continuing to take advantage of consumers
C)They can tell you if the company has had complaints about its products or services
D)All of the above
Why should you be suspicious of advertising that uses confusing medical terminology?
A)This means the product is overpriced
B)Complicated wording can be used to make consumers think it is safe and effective
C)b and c
D)Complicated wording can be used to make a product more expensive
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