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Lesson 48: Managing Chronic Health Conditions

Self-Check Quiz

How does being physically active help prevent diabetes?
A)It helps your body slow the production of insulin
B)It increases the amount of glucose you have n your blood
C)It decreases the amount of glucose you have in your blood
D)It prevents any autoimmune disease
Why are more children developing Type II diabetes today than in the past?
A)Because it is an autoimmune disease
B)They are more at risk because more pregnant women have gestational diabetes
C)Kids get more exercise now
D)Because more kids are inactive and overweight than in the past
How could having migraine headaches affect a person's day to day life?
A)It can cause you to miss work, school, and social activities
B)It can lead to arthritis
C)It causes uncontrolled bleeding
D)It can lead to muscular dystrophy
Why is it important to learn about different chronic health conditions?
A)So you can make sure you never get one
B)Because they can be contagious
C)Because chances are you or someone you know will experience a chronic health condition at some point
D)So that if a friend or family member has a chronic health condition you can tell them how to cure it
_________ is a condition in which large amounts of abnormally thick mucus are produced, particularly in the lungs and pancreas.
A)Parkinson's disease
B)Muscular dystrophy
C)Cystic fibrosis
D)Sickle cell anemia
If not monitored correctly and treated, diabetes can lead to ________.
A)premature death
C)nerve damage
D)all of the above
Which of the following conditions affects all people, regardless of race or gender?
A)Sickle cell anemia
B)a and c
Why should a person who has a peptic ulcer avoid alcohol and caffeine?
A)They will keep the person up at night
B)They can cause the ulcer to multiply
C)They will irritate the ulcer, which is an open sore
D)They will prevent antibiotics from working to get rid of the ulcer
Why do people who have sickle-cell anemia experience symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath?
A)Because their red blood cells are misshapen
B)Because their white blood cells are misshapen
C)Because they lack enough white blood cells
D)Because they don't get enough sleep
A child who experiences recurrent seizures probably has __________.
A)systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
B)Down Syndrome
C)Parkinson's disease
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