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Unit 8: Communicable and Chronic Diseases

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You come in contact with germs in numerous ways. Why aren't you sick all of the time? Visit this site to learn more about the immune system. Play the "Infection!" game to find out how your body fights invading germs.
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Scroll down this KidsHealth page to learn more about communicable respiratory diseases. Design an informational poster about one of the respiratory infections described here. Include two illustrations, the first depicting a mode of transmission and the second showing how that transmission could be prevented.
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Teen Central
Link to this resource for abstinence information and get answers and encouragement. Print out and sign the pledge card that you can keep with you. In your journal, list the most important reasons for choosing abstinence before marriage. Write your response to a friend or date who disagrees with your choice.
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Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Work in groups of six as you use the information about HIV from this Web site to create a teaching game. For each step of HIV infection as described on this Web page, a member of your group creates two cards, one illustrating the step with a drawing or photo, and the other with a text label and explanation for that step. Shuffle the completed cards and take turns matching them correctly.
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Healthy Heart Kit
Review the information about diabetes at this Web site. Write a script for a public service announcement about preventing diabetes. Include risk factors for developing the disease, important symptoms to recognize, and methods of treatment. Emphasize one plan of action or behavior that helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes and give specific examples of how to implement this.
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