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Lesson 31: Being Well-Groomed

Self-Check Quiz

Why should a person wait for a few days after deciding to get a tattoo?
A)because it hurts
B)because tattoos are expensive
C)so he or she can think of a way to hide it from their friends
D)because it is permanent and painful, expensive, and difficult to remove later
Why is head lice more common among school children in the winter months than in summer?
A)The insects die in warm weather
B)Children take more baths in the summer
C)Children are inside more often and they may hang their coats and hats together
D)The insects are more active in cold weather
Which of the following is NOT a way to prevent bunions?
A)wear shoes with a square toe
B)wear high-heeled shoes
C)wear low-heeled shoes
D)wear open-toed shoes
________ is a skin disorder in which pores in the skin are plugged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.
A)Athlete's foot
Why is it important to understand how your own hair is different from that of others?
A)So you'll know why your hair responds differently to treatments, heat, and humidity
B)So you can learn how to style your hair
C)So you'll know how often to get a haircut
D)So you'll know how often to shave
Why is it a good idea to wash your face at night before you go to bed?
A)To Prevent psoriasis
B)To prevent body odor
C)To remove oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria that may clog pores
D)All of the above
What is lice?
A)a kind of depilatory
B)a mild detergent for the hair
C)insects that live and lay eggs in human hair
What is a good reason to keep yourself well-groomed?
A)to protect your health
B)because all the ads in magazines say you should
C)to make sure you never get moles or warts
D)to show others that you have a lot of money to spend on beauty products
Which of the following patients would most likely be a candidate for mole-mapping?
A)a person with many warts
B)someone who has had lice
C)a person with a family history of skin cancer
D)someone who has had psoriasis
Which of the following is the only grooming practice a teen can safely perform at home?
A)body piercing
B)laser hair removal
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