Meeks Heit Health & Wellness

Unit 6: Personal Health and Physical Activity

Web Links

Vision 101
This site provides an interactive display of the parts of the human eye, plus information on vision problems and treatment. Visit this site and use this information to build your own model of the human eye that will demonstrate myopia and hyperopia.
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FAQ About Braces
This Web page provides online information about braces and associated topics. If you have braces, are getting braces, or just know someone with braces, you can learn more about these tools here. Visit this site and use the information here to design your own Web page about braces.
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BrainPOP - Acne
Part of the BrainPOP series of movies, this online Shockwave animation has Tim and Moby explain the science behind acne. Use the information on this site to design a poster that explains why acne happens and what you can do about it.
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Sleep: From A to Zzzzz
This ThinkQuest explores the science of sleep. Visit this site to learn healthful sleeping habits and ways to improve your sleep schedule. For a week, monitor your sleep schedule and use the information on this site to evaluate whether or not you are sleeping well.
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President's Council on Physical Fitness
The President’s Council on Physical Fitness was developed to promote, encourage and motivate Americans of all ages to become physically active and participate in sports. Use the information on this site to develop your own handbook on physical fitness.
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American Council on Exercise
This organization promotes exercise in America. Visit this site to learn about simple exercises you can do in your home to help make you more fit. Develop your own exercise regimen based on this information.
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