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Lesson 25: Choosing Healthful Foods

Self-Check Quiz

Which of the following is the most nutritious combination of foods for one meal?
A)Macaroni and cheese from a box, crackers, name brand cookies
B)Chicken breast, vegetable, baked potato, and a brownie
C)Cheeseburger, french fries, and milkshake from a fast food restaurant
D)A bowl of pasta and 3 slices of bread
A protein that comes from grains and legumes is a(n) ___________.
B)incomplete protein
D)complete protein
Why would a food company sell a small package of food but label it as containing two or three servings?
A)So the percent daily value will look higher
B)To make more money
C)To make it appear more healthy for you at the first glance of the food label
D)So they won't have to list the nutrition facts
What is the difference between complete proteins and incomplete proteins?
A)Complete proteins are eaten by vegetarians but incomplete are not
B)Complete proteins contain all nine essential amino acids and incomplete proteins contain some, but not all nine
C)Complete proteins are bad for you and incomplete are good for you
D)Complete proteins contain all 20 amino acids that your body needs, but incomplete proteins do not
Why is it dangerous to take herbal supplements without talking to your doctor first?
A)Because you can't buy herbal supplements without a prescription
B)Because you cannot be sure of the ingredients and effects of a supplement
C)Herbal supplements are classified as a drug and not as food by the FDA
D)Because they act as a diuretic
Why is water intake so important to the body?
A)Water is a nutrient that is involved in every body function.
B)It prevents disease.
C)It causes dehydration.
D)It contains caffeine, which helps your body produce urine.
Why is important to understand how to read a food label?
A)So you are aware of the nutritional value of the foods you are eat
B)So you will never eat anything that has sugar in it
C)To be sure you don't buy something past the "sell by" date
D)So you can tell your family and friends what not to eat
Which of the following is not a good source of water?
A)Caffeinated soda
What is the healthful choice if you read on a food label that it contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil?
A)To eat only small amounts of it, and do not eat it on a regular basis
B)To eat extra helpings of it
C)Include it in your diet every day
D)To tell everyone you know not to eat any of it
The main source of energy for the body is what type of nutrient?
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