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Unit 5: Nutrition

Web Links

American Heart Association
Visit the American Heart Association for tips on how to eat right for a healthy heart and how to lower your cholesterol. Use the information on this site to design a brochure for healthful living for your class.
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U.S. Food and Drug Administration
The FDA is a government organization that monitors food and drugs in the U.S., including information on food-borne illnesses. They set regulations and do research. Visit this site and use the information in the News section to publish a class newsletter about healthful eating.
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National Eating Disorders Association
This organization, formed by two existing associations, helps educate teens and adults about eating disorders. Visit the site and learn more about how eating disorders can be prevented and treated. Write an entry in your journal about the feelings that are associated with eating disorders.
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Nutrition Explorations
This Web site has been designed to provide families with a healthful food guide. Here you’ll find nutrition tips, questions and answers, games, and recipes. Use the recipes on this site to have a “Healthful Food Day” in class.
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Nutrition Facts to Help Consumers Eat Smart
From the FDA, this Web page offers an explanation for the Nutrition Facts labels found on packaged foods. Over the course of a week, keep track of the nutrition facts in your foods. Are you eating a healthful diet?
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Ideal Weight and Body Mass Index Calculations
This online calculator will give you suggestions on what your ideal body weight should be. It also analyzes previous body weight calculators. Enter in your data on this site and discover what your ideal body weight should be. If you discover you need to lose weight, consult a physician before beginning any weight loss program.
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Food-borne Illness
From the Centers for Disease Control, this page is an index of many different food-borne illnesses. Use the information on this site to make a poster for the class educating them on how to protect themselves from food-borne illnesses.
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Fast Food Facts
This Web page will give you nutrition information on many of your favorite fast foods. Figure out your healthful eating needs and use the calculator on this site to discover what you can have at a fast food restaurant. Make a healthful menu for the different restaurants in your area.
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