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Lesson 69: Performing Common First Aid Procedures

Self-Check Quiz

________ are laws that protect people who give first aid in good faith and without gross negligence or misconduct.
A)Implied consent
B)Actual consent
C)Good Samaritan laws
D)Universal precautions
Why is it important to have first aid kits in your home and your car?
A)Because the police require it in cars
B)Because those are the only two places that accidents happen
C)Because you don't know when and where you may need medical help
D)a and c
________ is an illness that occurs without warning signals of what is actually happening.
A)Sudden illness
B)Heat-related illness
To prevent the spread of disease it is important to treat all human blood and bodily fluids as if they are contaminated with HIV, HBV, and other pathogens. The steps to do this are called __________.
A)universal distress signal
B)victim assessments
D)universal precautions
Which of the following is an example of following universal precautions?
A)Keeping extra batteries by your flashlight in your car
B)Keeping disposable gloves in the first aid kit in your car
C)Not keeping scissors in the first aid kit in your car because you don't know who might try to use them as a weapon
D)All of the above
Why does a parent or guardian have to give actual consent for a child to receive first aid?
A)Parents know what is best medically .
B)Parents are not going to let you help a child unless they are sure you know what you are doing.
C)Parents and guardians are legally responsible for a child.
D)This way you become legally responsible for the child.
Why should you turn a victim on his or her side if he or she is vomiting?
A)There is less chance of the victim choking on the vomit.
B)It will make less of a mess.
C)It will prevent the victim from fainting also.
D)It will stop the vomiting.
Why is it important not to go near a victim of an electrical burn until the source of the electricity is turned off?
A)You could make the victim's injuries worse.
B)You could be injured also.
C)Moving around could start a fire.
D)all of the above
Why shouldn't you exercise on an injured ankle until the area is completely healed?
A)You could make the injury much worse.
B)Your workout wouldn't be hard enough to make any difference.
C)You might suffer hypothermia.
D)You might suffer hyperthermia.
What is the most dangerous risk of having severe frostbite?
A)The cold can spread to other parts of the body.
B)It can develop into hyperthermia.
C)It can cause muscle strains in the affected areas.
D)A person can lose the affected body parts.
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