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Unit 11: Injury Prevention and Personal Safety

Web Links

Date Rape Drugs
The National Woman’s Health Information Center has developed this Web page as a resource about Rohypnal, one of the “date rape” drugs. Visit this site to learn more about this drug and design a special pamphlet that explains the dangers of Rophynal.
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National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Learn about the CDC's Injury Center and read about injury in the United States. Create a bar graph to show the six types of injuries listed here and the number of incidents per year for each. For each type of injury, list one action step that can prevent the injury.
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Severe Weather Safety Guide
The National Weather Service provides information here about how to stay safe in severe weather. Using the Safety Guide on this page, create a chart listing the safest location for you in each type of severe weather. Include a column for listing additional safety precautions to take, such as staying away from windows when a tornado is approaching.
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Air Bag Video
Air bags are cushions in motor vehicles that inflate upon impact. Watch these videos to see the difference an airbag can make in automobile collision.
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