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Lesson 66: Protecting Yourself From Sexual Violence

Self-Check Quiz

___________ is a condition in which a rape survivor experiences emotional responses and physical symptoms over a period of time.
A)Rape trauma syndrome
B)Secondary victimization
C)Survivor of violence
D)Trauma stress disorder
_________ is repeatedly engaging in threatening behavior, such as following or making harassing phone calls a person.
B)Sexual harassment
D)Status offense
Date-rape drugs are used to __________ a person's central nervous system so he or she will be vulnerable to sexual assault.
B)slow down
D)shut down
Which of the following would protect you from becoming a victim of a date-rape drug?
A)Accepting an open can of coke from a friend at a party
B)Drinking pre-made lemonade in cups at a party
C)Drinking only from cans or bottles of soda that you have opened at a party
D)Sharing a soda with someone you just met at a party
Which of the following would be considered a justification for using force to have sex with someone?
A)The person looked like he or she wanted to.
B)The person had been calling your house all week.
C)You and the other person were drunk.
D)There is no reason that makes it okay.
Most often, rape victims _____________ their attackers.
A)have never met
B)have had an argument with
D)are dating
Which is the true statement about date rape?
A)Date rape is just as serious a crime as any other rape.
B)Date rape is not the same as real rape.
C)There are a few situations when it might be justified.
D)It's confusing to tell who is at fault.
Why might children not understand that incest is a form of abuse?
A)Children may not know any other type of relationship.
B)Children are often told that it is normal behavior by the perpetrator.
C)Children may not understand that someone who has sexual contact with a child is harming them.
D)All of the above
How does using alcohol or drugs increase your risk for being a victim of rape?
A)It impairs your judgement, which can put you in dangerous situations.
B)It changes how the law applies to rape and sexual assault
C)It makes it ok for someone else to make sexual advances toward you.
D)It encourages stalking.
Why is it often difficult to find and prosecute rapists who use date-rape drugs?
A)The victims are often afraid to come forward and identify their attackers because most of the time they .know each other
B)The victims most often don't remember the attack and the drugs leave the victim's system within 48 hours, so it's hard to prove they were used.
C)The drugs stay in the victim's body for at least a week, but it's hard to prove that the victim didn't have sex .willingly
D)Most of the time the victim doesn't suffer from the attach afterwards, so they don't press charges.
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