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Lesson 61: Reducing Unintentional Injuries

Self-Check Quiz

It is extremely important that all homes have working _______ to alarm people in the case of a fire.
A)carbon dioxide detectors
B)smoke detectors
C)water systems
D)fire blankets
Wearing reflective clothing, obeying traffic rules, and wearing a helmet are ways to reduce the risk of injuries from _______.
A)bicycle accidents
_______ is a harmful chemical reaction from a substance that enters the body.
Which type of injury results in the highest number of teen deaths for ages 14-18?

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A)Gun shot
C)Car accident
How can paying attention to other drivers help reduce your risk for car accidents?
A)You can tell if someone else is driving after drinking alcohol.
B)You'll know whether or not you need to wear your safety belt.
C)You can reduce your risk of someone else causing an accident with you by watching out for dangerous drivers.
D)You'll be able to stay away from young drivers.
What is the risk you are taking if you respond to an angry driver who is yelling at you from his or her car?
B)Road rage
C)Traffic violation
D)Repetitive strain injury
Why is it a good idea for everyone to learn to swim, even if they don't think they will ever participate in water sports, including recreational swimming?
A)So they can brag to their friends that they are good swimmers
B)So they will know how to perform CPR
C)Because they can't predict when they might fall into water or need to help someone else who is struggling in water
D)b and c
Which of the following is a risk of committing multiple traffic violations?
A)Losing your driver's license
B)Being fined and/or imprisoned
C)Causing injuries or death to yourself or others
D)All of the above
If a car is traveling 40 mph and suddenly crashes into another car, how fast would a person without a seatbelt be traveling if they fly out the window of the first car?
A)20 mph, half of the speed of the first car
B)0 mph if the second car was stopped
C)10 mph, since the first car was stopped by the second
D)40 mph, the same as the car they were traveling in
Which of these is an example of how the FLSA protects minors in the workplace?
A)Banning minors from most jobs in the roofing industry
B)Banning minors from becoming lifeguards
C)Banning minors from working in landscaping businesses
D)All of the above
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