Glencoe Earth Science

Chapter 16: Weather

Section 2 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.

What causes low-pressure winds to swirl in a counter-clockwise direction?
A)the natural tendency of winds to blow from low to high pressure
C)Earth's revolution around the Sun
D)Earth's rotation
When two air masses of different densities collide, it's called__________.
A)a high pressure zone
B)a storm
C)a hurricane
D)a front
An occluded front occurs between _______ air masses.
D)an unknown number of
The term stationary front describes a front __________.
A)that continues forward
B)that is present for a brief amount of time
C)that stops advancing
D)that changes
What is the cause of the strong winds associated with thunderstorms?
A)weak updrafts of warm, moist air
B)strong updrafts of dry air
C)rain-cooled air
D)strong updrafts of warm, moist air and sinking, rain-cooled air
Meteorologists refer to some floods as flash floods because __________.
A)there is often little warning before they occur
B)they often occur during lightning storms
C)they last for extended periods of time
D)they know about them far in advance
How does lightning occur during a storm?
A)Converging fronts collide.
B)Different parts of a cloud become oppositely charged, and current flows between them.
C)The relative humidity drops.
D)The atmospheric pressure suddenly rises.
What creates a wind shear?
A)a difference in wind direction and speed
B)similar wind speeds and directions
C)increasing rainfall
What is the difference between a tornado and a hurricane?
A)Tornadoes occur over sea and hurricanes occur over land.
B)They are the same things.
C)Tornadoes happen during winter and hurricanes happen in the summer.
D)Tornadoes occur over land and hurricanes occur over sea.
What specifications classify a storm as a blizzard?
A)severe winds, temperatures below -12º Celsius, and poor visibility for 3 h or more
B)severe winds, temperatures below -12º Celsius, and poor visibility
C)severe winds, temperatures below -12º Celsius, and poor visibility for less than 1 h
D)temperatures below -12º Celsius and rainfall
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