Glencoe Earth Science

Chapter 10: Plate Tectonics

Section 1 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.

What is the continental drift theory?
A)the belief that continents have quickly moved apart to their current locations on Earth
B)the belief that continents are moving slowly together from their current locations on Earth
C)the belief that continents have always been located at their current locations on Earth
D)the belief that continents have moved slowly apart to their current locationson Earth
Who first proposed the theory of continental drift?
A)Harry Hess
B)Galileo Galilei
C)Albert Einstein
D)Alfred Wegener
What is Pangaea?
A)Earth's inner core
B)the large landmass in which all continents once were connected
C)the large landmass that all continents are currently forming
D)the largest fault found on Earth
What clue supported the continental drift theory?
A)Fossils of animals have been found on continents separated by oceans.
B)Similar rock structures have been found on different continents.
C)all of the above
D)a puzzle-like fit of all the continents
How does the Mesosaurus fossil evidence support the continental drift theory?
A)because it's unlikely that the Mesosaurus existed on both continents.
B)because it's unlikely that the Mesosauruscould swim between continents
C)The Mesosaurus fossil evidence does not support the continental drift theory. It proves it wrong.
D)because the Mesosaurus lived millions of years ago, when scientists believe the continents began to drift
What evidence proved that South America, Africa, India, and Australia were once covered by glaciers?
A)enormous valleys formed by glaciers
B)glacial deposits and rock surfaces scarred by glaciers
C)leftover portions of glaciers
D)cold climates
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