Glencoe Earth Science

Unit 7: Astronomy

Newspaper Article on a Planet

Project Type: Technology
Have students choose a planet, moon, star, asteroid, galaxy, or other astronomical body to research. Using word processing or other technology, have students write a newspaper article about their “new discovery.” This factual information might include size, distance, composition, physical characteristics, who discovered it and when, and what exploration is planned for the future.

Choose a planet, moon, star, or asteroid to research. Research the astronomical body and write a newspaper article like it is a newly found body. Include the following:

  • size
  • distance from Earth
  • composition
  • physical characteristics
  • who discovered it and when
  • what exploration is planned for the future

The following are sites to help research astronomical bodies. Students may use these and or any other site they find.

Astronomical Bodies: planets planets / planets _index.html


Click here for a rubric to help you score this project. (70.0K)

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