Glencoe Earth Science

Unit 2: The Changing Surface of Earth


Project Type: History
Have students research a particular type of landform: cave, canyon, cliffs, islands, mountains, plains, or plateaus. Ask the students to focus on the location of their landform, how it developed, the forces of nature that act on it, why they feel their landform is unique, and what is being done to preserve it. Students may design a tourist brochure about their landform and some of the more famous examples of that landform from around the world.

Alternative Procedure:
Ask students to write a letter to their community. The letter should be addressed to their town and discuss the importance of a specific landform in the area. Have students describe the impacts of conservation and/or preservation. The students should display knowledge of the landform's history, forces that have created it, and the forces that have changed it

These sites will help students research types of landforms.

Types of Landforms



Geologic History

Grand Canyon Monitoring

Geologic Time Scale

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