Glencoe Life Science

Unit 3: Animal Diversity

Unit Project 1

Project Type: Career

What do a nurse, an exterminator, and a landfill supervisor have in common? They all work in biology-related professions. Some careers will require graduate or professional school, while others may require undergraduate or no college degrees. Careers in the biological sciences are found in different sectors, including research, education and industry.

Have each student choose a biology-related career to explore. Students will conduct research and gather information about this career, including courses of study required, whether advanced degrees are needed, job locations and availability and salaries offered. Instruct students to use the information they find to write a job ad for their selected career.

1 class period to conduct research and write ad

Possible Resources:



Writing Ads,4621,303959,00.html,6186,,00.html People Management

Click here for a rubric to help score this project. (67.0K)

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