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Lesson 39: Avoiding Illegal Drug Use

Self-Check Quiz

Why is marijuana considered a gateway drug?
A)It has no THC and it is very common, so people may move on to other drugs
B)It is inexpensive and boosts your immune system
C)It is very common and people may think it is harmless, so they may move on to other drugs
D)It is less potent than it used to be
Narcotics are a group of drugs that ____________.
A)interfere with the senses and cause hallucinations
B)speed up the activities of the central nervous system
C)slow down the central nervous system and relieve pain
D)are made from hormones
Why is an hallucination dangerous to your health?
A)They can cause HIV
B)You might react in a way that harms your health
C)It leads to other drug use
D)All of the above
How could trying an illegal drug one time change your life forever?
A)By causing a serious accident
B)By causing death
C)By starting a serious addiction
D)All of the above
_________ is a highly addictive stimulant that is obtained from the leaves of the cocoa bush.
How does it help you resist peer pressure to use nonverbal behavior that matches what you say?
A)No one will offer you drugs
B)Others may think you are saying "no" but still want you to try drugs
C)Others will know you are serious when you say "no"
D)Your friends will stop taking illegal drugs
What is one of the dangers of taking Ecstasy?
A)Ot may contain unknown chemicals
B)It causes HIV
C)It slows down the nervous system
D)It's a date rape drug
Amotivational syndrome is ________.
A)an imagined sight, sound, or feeling
B)poisoning due to heavy drug use
C)the increased likelihood that a person will use other harmful drugs
D)a persistent loss of ambition and motivation
Which of these is most like the effect that huffing has on the brain?
A)Eating your favorite food
B)Holding your head under water for 1 minute
What is one way a person could become addicted to narcotics without beginning to take them illegally?
A)Taking them to stay awake to study
B)Taking cocaine first
D)All of the above
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