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Lesson 38: Choosing a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle

Self-Check Quiz

Why would a smoker start to feel better physically within a day of quitting?
A)They are not inhaling poisonous gas
B)They are saving money
C)Nicotine is a stimulant
D)Any cancer will disappear
Tar contains most of the ________ that are found in tobacco smoke.
Breathing sidestream smoke while riding in a car is __________.
A)less dangerous than smoking a cigarette yourself
B)more dangerous than smoking a cigarette yourself
C)equally dangerous as smoking
D)not dangerous
Why might teens think they look cool smoking?
A)They want to show they don't care how long they live
B)They see some of their favorite stars smoke and want to be like them
C)They like to have stains on their fingers
D)They want to have bad breath
Which of the following statements is false?
A)Sidestream smoke has more tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and benzene than mainstream smoke.
B)Secondhand smoke is the most hazardous form of indoor air pollution.
C)Mainstream smoke has more tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and benzene than sidestream smoke.
D)Passive smoking is another term used to describe breathing in secondhand smoke.
Why would someone pressure you to use tobacco?
A)To save money
B)Because there are more chemicals in sidestream smoke than mainstream smoke
C)So he or she can feel like it's okay to smoke
D)That person has seen a lot of ads for tobacco
Which of the following is just as addicting as heroin and cocaine?
B)Carbon monoxide
C)Smokeless tobacco
Why would tobacco companies want to advertise their products to children?
A)They will make more money if people become addicted sooner in life
B)Nicotine is not addictive
C)The FTC requires it
D)Because some forms of it are safe to use
Which of the following is the easiest way to stop smoking?
A)Nicotine chewing gum
B)The nicotine nasal spray
C)The nicotine patch
D)Never starting in the first place
Smoking a cigarette is most like which of the following?
A)Inhaling helium from a balloon
B)Breathing fumes directly from a car's tailpipe
C)Drinking polluted water
D)Smelling burned food
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