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Lesson 21: Learning About Pregnancy and Childbirth

Self-Check Quiz

Why are multiple births considered higher risk than single births?
A)This is only true for identitcal twins.
B)Because the mother has probably not experience labor before.
C)They are not riskier than single births.
D)Since there is more than one baby being born, there is more risk of complications.
A birth weight that is less than 5.5 pounds (2.5kg) is considered a(n) _______.
A)average birth weight
B)low birth weight
D)a high birth weight
Once a woman is aware she is pregnant, how soon should she see a doctor?
A)by the third month
B)at least by the sixth month
C)only if she feels sick
D)as soon as possible
Without an umbilical cord, a fetus ________.
A)will not be attached to the placenta.
B)will not have access to the mother's blood and oxygen
C)will not be premature
D)cannot develop into twins
Prenatal care is most like which of the following?
A)carefully laying the foundation for a very important building
B)putting the finishing touches on a room you have decorated
C)building a brick wall
D)testing new recipes
What is the score the physician gives a newborn one and five minutes after birth?
A)Apgar score
B)ultrasound score
C)test score
D)delivery score
Is the delivery of the baby the end of childbirth?
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A)No, the childbirth class is part of childbirth.
B)No, delivery is stage one.
D)No, the last stage is the delivery of the placenta.
A pregnant female who drinks alcohol could cause _________.
A)no harm to the baby
B)high birth weight
C)fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)
D)depression in the baby
Why is a Cesarean section considered a complication of childbirth?
A)Surgery is very serious and is not the natural way to have a baby.
B)It is only done in the case of toxemia.
C)It is only performed when there is an ectopic pregnancy.
D)It is only done in the case of a stillbirth.
Which of the following lists of food would be best for a pregnant woman to eat regularly?
A)grapefruit, spinach, beans, and milk
B)ice cream, soft drinks, cookies, and chicken
C)fast food, bagels, pickles, and meat
D)coffee, vegetables, wine, and beef
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