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Lesson 18: Preparing for Marriage and Parenthood

Self-Check Quiz

Why should teens be concerned with the kind of resources it takes to parent a child?
A)because they will be responsible for the child if they become a teen parent
B)so they will feel guilty
C)to encourage them to find sales and use coupons
D)so they can tell their future children how expensive they are
Studies show that over 50% of teen marriages end in divorce because teens have not mastered the ____________ of adolescence, before trying to handle marriage.
C)physical tasks
D)developmental tasks
Who has more responsibility for a baby--a teen mother or a teen father?
A)The mother, because she shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place.
B)They share equal responsibility for the child, financially and emotionally.
C)The father, because he suggested having sex in the first place.
D)The mother, because she carried the baby.
A husband is having a stressful time at work and decides that he does not feel like dealing with a problem in his marriage. His view of his wedding vows is ____________.
Which of the following is a major task of the fifth developmental stage of marriage?
A)renew intimacy and develop ways to continue sexual intimacy
B)prepare for retirement
C)accept death as a stage of life
D)all of the above
A married couple decides to plant a garden together. What type of intimacy does this activity involve?
A)creative intimacy
B)psychological intimacy
C)physical intimacy
D)philosophical intimacy
Philosophical intimacy is the sharing of ___________.
A)needs, emotions, weaknesses, and strengths
B)physical affection
C)efforts to accomplish task and projects
D)beliefs and values
When a misfortune occurs, marriage partners support each other. This is an example of what type of intimacy?
A)emotional intimacy
B)creative intimacy
C)physical intimacy
D)philosophical intimacy
________ is the stage of growth and development when both the male and female body become capable of producing offspring.
A)Middle age
To be ______________ , marriage partners should be sexually attracted to one another.
A)physically intimate
B)psychologically intimate
C)philosophically intimate
D)creatively intimate
A goal of the __________ of marriage is to maintain individual identity at the same time as forming a family.
A)fifth stage
B)first stage
C)second stage
D)fourth stage
Which of the following is NOT a factor that predicts a successful marriage?
A)good character
B)have similar interests
C)being twenty years of age or older
D)different attitudes about children and child-raising
Which of the following provides the best chance for a child to grow up healthy and responsible?
A)developing intamacy with his or her parents
B)the generational cycle of teen pregnancy
C)spending less time with your father than your mother
D)being born to teen parents
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