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Lesson 15: Examining Dating and Friendships

Self-Check Quiz

People who choose to do most of the giving in a friendship tend to be ___________.
B)people pleasers
Why would talking about yourself all the time make conversation difficult?
A)You would run out of topics.
B)You would lack self-confidence.
C)It would show you are interested in the other person.
D)It makes others feel as if you are not interested in them at all.
A(n) ______________ is a balanced relationship that promotes mutual respect and healthful behavior.
A)harmful relationship
B)healthful friendship
C)people pleaser
D)one-sided friendship
During a conversation, Becky keeps bragging about herself. Bragging is an example of a _______________.
A)boring conversation
B)conversation keeper
C)conversation killer
D)healthful conversation
Which of the following is not a dating skill?
A)I decline a date when there will be pressure to drink or to be sexually active.
B)I base my self-worth on my ability to get a date.
C)I am honest and kind when I turn down someone for a date.
D)I am clear as to my expectations when I give or receive a gift in a dating situation.
The feeling of being unwelcomed or unwanted is called ________.
C)I am honest and kind when I turn down someone for a date.
D)all of the above
Which of the following is not an example of a conversation keeper?
A)interrupting someone
B)being positive
C)using correct grammar
D)showing interest in what someone else is saying
It is important than anyone you date ________ your values, mind, emotions, and physical being.
Which of the following is true about a date who is pressuring you to drink alcohol at party and refuses to leave with you when you ask?
A)The person is not respecting the law.
B)The person does not have your best interests in mind.
C)The person does not respect you.
D)all of the above
Why should you ask yourself any questions about a person before you begin a friendship?
A)to find out what kind of things he or she likes so you will know if you will get along
B)to prove to your parents that you can make friends
C)to be sure he or she will like you
D)to judge as best you can if they will provide a healthful and balanced friendship
A ______________ is a friendship in which one person does most of the giving and the other person does most of the receiving.
A)healthful friendship
B)one-sided friendship
C)balanced friendship
D)dysfunctional family
Which of the following is a question you should ask yourself about someone who might become a friend?
A)Does this person have good character?
B)Will my parents or guardian approve of my spending time with this person?
C)balanced friendship
D)all of the above
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