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Lesson 14: Adjusting to Family Changes

Self-Check Quiz

An annulment is a legal way to end a marriage in which _____________.
A)it is decided that the marriage was not legally binding
B)the marriage partners decide the terms with respect to property, custody, and support
C)the marriage partners live apart
D)the court decides the terms with respect to property, custody, and support
How can extended family members help a teen if his or her parents are divorcing?
A)by grieving with the teen
B)by spending more time with the teen
C)by helping supervise the teen
D)all of the above
A __________ is a family consisting of marriage partners with children from a previous relationship and the children that they have by their marriage to one another.
A)single-custody family
B)blended family
C)two parent family
D)joint-custody family
Your father was just laid off from his job due to his company downsizing. Which of the following is a suggestion about how to deal with this type of situation?
A)give your parent emotional support
B)discuss what changes will occur in the family budget
C)discuss what to say to people outside the family
D)all of the above
Why would teens who have a parent or guardian in jail be more at risk for committing a crime themselves?
A)Because they may go to foster care.
B)They share the same genes.
C)They don't usually do well in school.
D)They may lack the self-respect to know that they do not have to behave the same way.
_________ is a process in which married partners identify their problems, agree upon solutions, and reestablish intimacy.
D)Marital conflict resolution
___________ is an arrangement in which another unrelated adult assumes temporary responsibility for a child.
A)Aunt/Uncle care
B)Foster care
C)Grandparent care
Your parents are having problems. Though they are still married, they are not living together. This is called ___________.
A)marital separation
When parents divorce, the guidelines set for time spent with the children by the parent who does not have custody are called ___________.
A)joint custody
B)vacation time
C)grandparents' rights
D)visitation rights
The parent who has the legal right to make decisions about the health and well-being of the children is called the _________.
A)single custody
B)head parent
C)single parent
D)custodial parent
Which of the following is not a suggestion for teens whose parents divorce?
A)recognize that being sexually active will not fill the empty feelings you experience
B)be aware of your feelings of rejection and betrayal and ask for help
C)practice stress management skills
D)use alcohol to numb the pain
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