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Building Self-Esteem And Self-Respect


Have you ever found a purse or a wallet on the ground? Or a piece of jewelry? What did you do? Did you turn it in at a business nearby or try to find the owner? Or did you keep it for yourself? People who do not have a good self-image, or self-respect, often find themselves doing things they are not proud of. These can include lying to family or friends, abusing drugs or alcohol, or taking something that is not theirs. Would you feel proud telling your class at school that you kept someone else's wallet? What are some of the things that might affect the way people view themselves and their actions? In this WebQuest, you will investigate self-esteem and self-respect. You will find out about some of the influences on your self-image and discover ways to improve your self-esteem and self-respect.


Your job in the WebQuest is to learn how your self-esteem and self-respect affect your life and how you can take actions to improve both. You will learn about positive and negative influences that affect your self-esteem. You will learn how low self-esteem can harm your health. After reading the questions below, you will research the influences on and the effects of your own self- image and then create a list of ten actions you can take to improve your self-esteem and self-respect.


Before you begin your internet research, study the following questions about self-esteem and self-respect. As you visit the resource Web sites, consider the answers to these questions and begin to make a list of ten things you can do to improve your self-esteem and self-respect. Your list needs to include specific examples of the actions you plan to take. For each action on your list, describe how it will improve your self-esteem or self-respect.

  1. What is self-esteem?
  2. Why is it important to have respect for yourself and others?
  3. How does low self-esteem affect a person's quality of life?
  4. How can having a hobby improve a person's self-esteem?
  5. Do you feel the media has any effect on your self-esteem?
  6. How does having self-respect cause others to respect you?


Two days to research the Web sites and create your list of actions to improve self-esteem

Read this article from the WebMD Medical News Archive to understand how embracing your ethnic heritage can improve your self-esteem.
On this page created by the Child Development Institute, you can read about characteristics and behaviors of children and teens with high self-esteem and those with low self-esteem. You can use this information to determine how you can improve your own self-esteem.
This article discusses a study by a West Virginia University professor that looks at the media's effect on teenagers' self-images.
This article provides information on how teens can eat a healthy diet, even when they are busy with school, work, activities, and friends. Eating a balanced diet helps you maintain positive self-esteem by giving you energy, helping you feel confident about the way you look, and showing that you care about what you put into your body.
Review this page to learn why exercise is so important for teens and to discover how to find the activities that will work best for you. Regular exercise creates feelings of well-being by relieving stress, improving your fitness level, and helping you to sleep better.
How can exercise prevent disease? Read this article on Discovery Health's Web site and find out. By becoming active and understanding how exercise can help prevent disease later in life, you are taking control of your body and demonstrating the desire to take good care of yourself.
This Web site provides extensive information on the dangers of tobacco, how to quit smoking, and links to other anti-smoking sites. Choosing to smoke is one of the most dangerous decisions a teen can make. Being able to overcome the addiction and quit smoking is a huge boost for self-esteem.
This interactive Web site provides startling information about the dangers of smoking and why you should avoid it. The easiest way to quit smoking is to never start in the first place. People who do not smoke are making a statement that they have a great deal of respect for themselves.
Read this article about a girl who is dedicated to helping others find their own personal "Anti-Drug." She even had her own national television commercial in which she talks about her own Anti-Drug, "My Future." She is so proud of her decision not to use drugs that she is sharing it with the world. She is letting everyone know that she has set high goals for herself and she won't let drug use get in the way.
This Web site, created by George Mason University, gives detailed information on how to begin writing a personal journal. Writing about your feelings is a good way to examine what is happening in your life. You can express feelings you may not feel comfortable saying to others. This process helps you gain self-knowledge.
Read this article that describes the link between child abuse and low self-esteem.
This Web site is an example of a hobby that might interest you. This page reports the results of the U.S. Skateboarding Championships, gives links to more information about the sport, and explains how to become involved. Finding a talent or hobby that you enjoy will help you build self-esteem and pride. Sites like these can help you find a hobby or an activity you are interested in.
Read this article on WebMD's Web site to find out why the combination of obesity and low self-esteem can cause teens to participate in more risk behaviors.


By completing this WebQuest you have discovered many different influences on your self-image and self-esteem. You also have learned new ways to improve your self-esteem. By recognizing the importance of your own self-image, you can use the ten activities on your list to begin building strong self-esteem that will affect all aspects of your life. Your physical and emotional health, your relationships with friends and family members, and your career in school and beyond will benefit from improving your self-esteem.

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