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Lesson 5: Using Communication Skills

Self-Check Quiz

As discussed in Lesson 1, resistance skills are needed to promote health status. These skills involve _______________.
A)saying no to a bad situation
B)participating in negative peer pressure
C)not making a responsible decision
D)going along with your friends because you do not want to be left out even though you know that you are making a wrong decision
A classmate encourages you to do your own homework instead of copying someone else's because it will help you to learn the material. This is an example of _________.
A)positive peer pressure
B)nonverbal behavior
C)passive behavior
D)negative peer pressure
When talking to someone, you should express your thoughts freely, without worrying what others think. This is called _______.
A)broken-record technique
B)assertive behavior
C)aggressive behavior
D)passive behavior
Which of the following represents a step you can take to be self-confident and assertive?
A)Do not turn to anyone for guidance.
B)Rely on passive behavior.
C)First, be concerned about what your peers may think.
D)Imagine a shield of protection in front of you when peers pressure you to make wrong decisions.
When resolving a conflict, why is it important to listen to the feelings of others?
A)so they will feel comfortable expressing their feelings
B)so they know you respect their points of view
C)First, be concerned about what your peers may think.
D)all of the above
Peers who exert negative peer pressure _______________
A)want someone to do the same wrong deed so they do not feel guilty being the only one
B)have your best interest at mind
C)influence others to behave in a responsible way
D)all of the above
Why would it help to talk to a parent or trusted adult when you are doubting yourself?
A)so they can help you feel more confident by sharing a similar experience or giving you advice
B)they can tell you what to do
C)teens don't know enough to solve their own problems
D)so they will know if you're going to get in trouble at school
__________ are steps that can be taken to settle a disagreement in a responsible way.
A)Conflict confrontation
B)Conflict resolution skills
C)Interpersonal conflict
D)Conflict avoidance
How does showing empathy for others prevent prejudicial behavior?
A)by letting others know how much you know about other cultures
B)by praising others who are different from you
C)by learning that all people are the same
D)by learning that others may face different hardships than you and understanding why their actions may differ
Which of the following is a response that an active listener might have ?
A)clarify response
B)summarize response
C)confirm response
D)all of the above
Aggressive behavior is _________.
A)not standing up for yourself
B)holding back your ideas, feelings, and decisions
C)the use of words or actions that are disrespectful toward others
D)feeling confident
An example of nonverbal behavior is ________________.
B)saying hello to someone
C)shaking your head no
Someone who does not tell others when they disagree with them has what type of conflict response style?
A)conflict confrontation
B)conflict resolution
C)conflict avoidance
D)all of the above
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