Glencoe Life Science

Chapter 22: Regulation and Reproduction

Section 3 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.

Fraternal twins __________.
A)can be one boy and one girl
B)can be only two boys
C)can be only two girls
D)cannot be one boy and one girl
__________ carries nutrients and oxygen to the developing embryo from its mother.
A)The endocrine glands
B)The negative-feedback system
C)The umbilical cord
D)The menstrual cycle
After birth, the baby's umbilical cord is clamped then cut. The scar that forms is called __________.
A)the cervix
B)the ovary
C)the semen
D)the navel
What is the period of the first four weeks of a baby's life called?
A)the adolescence period
B)the adulthood period
C)the neonatal period
D)the fertilization period
Which of these is true about adulthood?
A)The growth of the skeletal system stops.
B)The growth of the muscular system begins.
C)Males usually start their growth spurts.
D)Females usually begin to have menstrual cycles.
Which of these is true?
A)Identical twins can be one boy and one girl.
B)Triplets are always three boys.
C)Identical twins are always the same gender.
D)Triplets can never be a combination of boys and girls.
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