Glencoe Life Science

Unit 2: From Bacteria to Plants

Unit Project 2

Project Type: Technology
Have students design and construct a giant jigsaw puzzle that illustrates the parts of a seed plant: seed, root, stem, leaf, and flower. Each informative-learning display should contain the labeled parts, a definition of the parts, and their function.

This project can be as creative as the student wants to make it. Suggest collecting and using local plant species or finding and using photographs from the internet. For a bonus have the students show and label a generic dissection of each part: seed, root, stem, leaf, and flower. If time permits, let the students show off their work.

Alternate Procedure:
Split the class in half: Have one half of the class use local plants in the puzzle and the second half of the class use plants from around the world.

Use the following web site to help students find plants, both local and from around the world.

The Great Plant Escape

Plants Database

Native Gardening

Type in the system of the plant

Spark notes


Click here for a rubric to help you score this project. (65.0K)

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