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Chapter 15: The Vietnam Era

Student Web Activity

"Young People and the Draft"

In this chapter you learned about the Vietnam Era. During this time, there was much turbulence between the youth of America and their government due to the Vietnam War. Many young people thought the war was unjust and that the draft enacted during the war was unfair.

Destination Title: About the Vietnam War

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Click on the "Anti-War Movement in the U.S." link, read the introduction and answer the following questions

How did the Students for a Democratic Society start to become more radical?
What did they originally protest? What moved them from this issue to the Vietnam War?
How did the protest movement, which was still mainly students, try to help those men who wanted to avoid being drafted?
What happened to public opinion after the Tet Offensive? How did it change the youth protest movement?
What occurred in March 1967 that directly affected the draft?
Why do you think young people disliked the draft and America's involvement in the Vietnam War?
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